end [n1] extreme, limit borderline, bound, boundary, butt end, confine, cusp, deadline, edge, extent, extremity, foot, head, heel, limitation, neb, nib, point, prong, spire, stub, stump, tail, tail end, term, terminal, termination, terminus, tip, top, ultimate; concept 745 —Ant. beginning, cause, foundation, origin end [n2] completion, stop accomplishment, achievement, adjournment, attainment, bottom line*, cease, cessation, close, closing, closure, conclusion, consequence, consummation, culmination, curtain, denouement, desistance, desuetude, determination, discontinuance, execution, expiration, expiry, finale, finis, finish, fulfillment, issue, last word*, omega, outcome, payoff, perfection, realization, resolution, result, retirement, sign-off*, target, termination, terminus, upshot*, windup, wrap-up*; concepts 119,230,832 —Ant. beginning, commencement, opening, start  end [n3] intention, aim aspiration, design, drift, goal, intent, mark, object, objective, point, purpose, reason, where one’s heading*; concept 659 —Ant. means end [n4] leftover part bit, butt end, dregs, fragment, leaving, lees, particle, piece, portion, remainder, remnant, residue, scrap, share, side, stub, tag end; concept 835 end [n5] death, destruction annihilation, demise, dissolution, doom, expiration, extermination, extinction, finish, passing, ruin, ruination; concept 304 —Ant. birth, construction, creation end [v1] bring to an end abolish, abort, accomplish, achieve, break off, break up, call it a day*, call off*, cease, close, close out, complete, conclude, consummate, crown, culminate, cut short, delay, determine, discontinue, dispose of, dissolve, drop, expire, finish, get done, give up, halt, interrupt, pack it in*, perorate, postpone, pull the plug*, put the lid on*, quit, relinquish, resolve, settle, sew up*, shut down*, stop, switch off*, terminate, top off*, ultimate, wind up*, wrap, wrap up*; concept 234 —Ant. begin, commence, create, start end [v2] die or kill abolish, annihilate, cease, depart, desist, destroy, die, expire, exterminate, extinguish, lapse, put to death, ruin, run out, wane; concepts 252,304 —Ant. bear, create, give birth

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